Pioneering CBRNe / HazMat training solutions provider

Argon Electronics was established in 1987 and has since become a world leader in the development and manufacture of hazardous material detector simulators, most notably in the fields of military Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRNe) defence. Our simulators have applications from civil response to unconventional terrorism and accidental release, and international treaty verification, with a growing presence in the nuclear energy generation, industrial, petrochemical and education markets.

  • Argon simulation systems are designed and developed using a proprietary common technology platform, and recognition of the validity of this integrated approach to instrumented training has been evidenced by supply to many of the foremost organisations in this arena, and the need to double the size of our premises in 2006.
  • Argon has been at the forefront of CBRNe and Hazardous material simulator design and manufacture for in excess of 25 years. Privately held and based in the United Kingdom, Argon’s substantial Intellectual Property portfolio has enabled it to develop world class simulation systems that have transformed CBRN and HazMat training for our customers.
  • The technology Argon employs, and the manner in which it is employed is unique, in that the actual detection characteristics of each detector are replicated, enabling multi substance, multi detector training to take place in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

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Safe CBRNe training systems that place you in control of your exercises, enabling a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environmentally friendly CWA and HazMat scenarios.
  • Delivering realistic, engaging, chemical warfare agent (CWA), and hazardous material (HazMat) training that is safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and reflects the potentially improvised nature of today’s threats in a flexible, economic manner has never been more challenging. Live Agent Training has an important role to play, but this expensive activity is not the time for your students to learn how to use their detection equipment.
  • When you plan exercises for modern CBRNe / HazMat threats and risks you need to develop a variety of scenarios (clandestine laboratory search, Chemical Improvised Explosive Devices, large or local area survey / reconnaissance, threat assessment or decontamination) to ensure effective readiness with minimal regulatory burden.
Environmentally friendly, safe radiation safety training systems that enable a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios for Beta/Gamma search and survey
  • Radiation training has always been challenging; a health risk not only to the students but also the instructor. How can you ensure people understand that this invisible threat, which generates no immediate sensation, is so dangerous?
  • Most detection instruments are not too difficult to use; which is potentially a hazard since a little knowledge can often be dangerous! Thankfully, most users never experience high readings for real. The skill, of course, is in learning how to recognize and avoid the potential threat and keep safe.
Modular, flexible and futureproof solutions that enable you and your teams to experience effective response to simulated threats.
  • If you are responsible for emergency preparedness and readiness training at an industrial facility, a location with a nuclear reactor, CBRNe School or a dedicated military training centre, you understand the challenge you have when implementing large area training in a manner that is safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective.
  • You and your organization have a need to demonstrate proficiency; but how do you convince senior managers, officers and Government officials to invest in the capability to enable you to do so before an incident occurs or worse, the event of injured, or more regrettably, deceased personnel?
Classroom CBRNe training exercises that are interesting, educational and engaging.
  • You want to use tabletop exercises to train and verify operational response, exercise the command structure, and ensure team and interagency functionality. Such exercises usually involve passing notes or inject cards representing instrument readings. Not very exciting is it?
  • These paper notes are cost effective but do not provide any real form of After Action Review to enhance learning or identify areas for improvement.
  • Tabletop is very difficult environment to ensure the concept of surveying reconnaissance, instrument reading and reporting is truly understood.